If you are victim of online harassment or hate crime you should:


  • Take screenshots of the offending material or save the information
  • Block or mute the person that has uploaded the abusive comments
  • Unfollow accounts that produce or share offensive material
  • Update privacy settings regularly
  • Not retaliate
  • Not keep it a secret


(House of Commons library Briefing paper, online harassment and cyber bullying Sept 2017)


How to offer support to people who are victims:


  • Like supportive comments to show solidarity.
  • Privately message the victim to show your support. “I just read a post sent to you that was really wrong. Are you okay?”
  • If the victim is your friend, suggest taking a break from social media and do something offline together to take their mind off it.
  • Defuse the situation using humour. A well placed gif can halt a hateful thread and a meme can prevent things getting out of hand.




You can report this in a variety of ways: 


  • To the university, via your tutor or the safeguarding email safeguarding@burycollege.ac.uk
  • Report it to the website administrator. Most websites do not allow comments, videos and photos that offend or hurt people ,look out for their ‘contact us’ page or ‘report this page’ button.
  • If the content is illegal or if you have been a victim of a hate crime, report it to the police using the True Vision website www.report-it.org.uk.


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