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An exciting redevelopment is taking place at Bury College University Centre which will provide Catering students with access to cutting edge facilities and offer university students a contemporary dining experience.

Bury College University Centre has launched a brand-new higher-level Applied Sciences qualification which can lead Science enthusiasts to a career within their chosen discipline.

General News

An ambitious early years educator has the skills to make a difference to the lives of others and achieve her dream job after securing a degree at Bury College University Centre.

Child Development

Bury College University Centre is offering an innovative new International Tourism Management degree specification to help individuals prepare for career progression.

Individuals with a passion for teaching and training will benefit from a wide range of new teacher training programmes this year at Bury College University Centre.

Teacher Education

Bury College University Centre Creative Media Production students enjoyed a career enhancing visit from an award-winning filmmaker.

Media and Film

An ambitious Digital Marketing Manager who is in the running to become Sir Lord Alan Sugar’s next big investment partner returned to Bury College to re-visit the place where his career first began.


Bury College University Centre is celebrating the exceptional results of their 2019 graduates as it is revealed that students have achieved the highest number of First Class Honours Degrees to date.

General News

Media students gained exclusive behind the scenes access to the production of an upcoming film when Bury College was transformed into a movie set for the day.

Media and Film

An exceptional year for Bury College University Centre students saw 95 learners graduate with 6 Distinctions and a high proportion of First Class Honours Degrees.

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