The Facts

• More than a quarter of top
graduate programmes will pay new
recruits more than £35,000 when
they start work and four
organisations are offering salaries
in excess of £45,000 to this year’s
graduates. ( 2015)

• Graduates are more likely to work
in high skilled posts than nongraduates.
(Office for National Statistics)

• An estimated 159,000 students are
studying their degree courses at FE
colleges. (AoC Key Facts 2015)

• Graduates were more likely to be
employed, less likely to be searching
for work and less likely to be out of
the labour force (inactive) than
those people with lower
qualifications or no qualifications.
(2013 Office for National Statistics)

• The employment rate for working
age graduates is the highest level
seen since 2007.
(Department for Business Innovation and Skills)

• Graduates and postgraduates
continue to have higher employment
rates and are more likely to work in
high skilled jobs than non-graduates.

• Higher education students taught in
colleges are more satisfied with
assessment and feedback (78%
compared with 74%) and academic
support (81% compared with 80%)
than their peers in universities.
(AoC Key Facts 2015)

• Studying locally reduces the cost of
living and travel and allows you to
stay close to family and friends.

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